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Wooster Brewing Company, Wooster, Ohio

— From the 1903 book, 100 Years of Brewing, page 302.


This business was founded by Joseph Ramsey as an ale and common beer brewery in 1860, and the business was continued by him for many years. The plant afterward passed through the hands of several parties, until about the year 1870, when Martin Rich and Jacob Roeh obtained possession and commenced the brewing of lager beer. In 1874 Mr. Roth sold his interest to Jacob Mongey, the firm becoming Rich & Mongey. John Graber, the present proprietor, purchased Mr. Rich's interest in 1879, the partnership known as Mongey & Graber existing until 1881. In the latter year George J. Renner (now of Akron) bought the Mongey interest, and in 1884 Mr. Graber became the sole proprietor. Lager beer and ale are manufactured and bottled, mechanical refrigeration being employed.

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