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Canton Brewing Company, Canton, Ohio

From the 1903 book, One Hundred Years of Brewing:

"Canton Brewing Company -- In I870 Charles Freeze established a brewery in Canton, Ohio, for the manufacture of ale. In I880 Otto Giessen became its proprietor, adding lager beer to the manufacture, and three years later it was destroyed by fire; a new plant was immediately built on the site of the present plant of the Canton Brewing Company. Mr. Giessen sold the brewery, in the spring of 1887, to William Roemmel, who conducted the business alone until the summer of 189l, when the present company was formed. This, the Canton Brewing Company, consisted of Mr. Roemmel and the former owners of the Union Brewing Company, whose plant, situated in the western part of the city, has since been closed. Of the Union Brewing Company George Edel is the only one associated with the present Canton Brewing Company. Mr. Edel is its president and William Roemmel, superintendent, secretary and treasurer.

"In 1896 the brewery was completely rebuilt on modern lines including apparatus for bottling and mechanical refrigeration; present capacity, fifty thousand barrels of lager and export beer. Mechanical refrigeration has been employed since 1886; bottling since 1890."

Webmaster's Note: In 1904, the Canton Brewing Company joined the Stark-Tuscarawas Breweries Company. The brewery closed in 1919 just prior to National Prohibition.

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